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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. This document outlines how we collect and use your data, and gives you information about your rights.

Who are we?

The Shop at Bluebird is a clothing and lifestyle retailer that is run by Robinson Webster (Holdings) Limited (“Jigsaw”) with a registered address of 159 Mortlake Road, Kew, Surrey, TW9 4AW. This privacy policy covers the use of data by Jigsaw and its subsidiaries. You can contact us at this address or via our customer service team: Other contact details can be found here.

For legal purposes, Jigsaw is known as the ‘data controller’.

How do we collect information?

When you place an order online or by phone

Although our website no longer sells product to you directly it has done so in the past. These guidelines apply to those past transactions. All orders taken by phone are covered as below. All current online transactions are managed by Farfetch who do not share your data with us.

When an order is placed we gather all the information needed to process it. (For example: name, email, postal address, billing address, card number or other payment method details, contact phone number. We also captured your IP address for fraud check purposes only). When you first placed an order online you were given the option to opt in for email marketing. We will not send you email marketing unless you ticked this box, or unless you have asked us to previously or since. You can opt out of email marketing at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, or by contacting us.

As with all sensitive data we keep all of these details securely in our systems. The exception is payment details which are sent to and managed securely by our payment service provider. We do not keep a record of your credit card, for example, apart from the card type and last four digits for reference.

When you opt in to receive marketing communications from us

There are several ways you might do this, for example:

  • using an online form;
  • giving your details to staff in store and explicitly telling them you want to receive emails;
  • when entering a competition and asking us to send you emails.

When you first sign up for emails we will send you a welcome email to make sure you want to receive emails from us. You can opt out of email marketing at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email, or opt out of any marketing by contacting customer services.

When you make a transaction in store

When you shop in store you might be asked for your email address (and sometimes your name, address details, phone number). We do this so that we can understand and serve our customers better, and to make sure we know which offers you qualify for. You are not obliged to give this information and we will never send you an email promotion unless you have opted in to receive emails.

When you contact us

We sometimes keep records of communications we have with you so that we offer the best service to you and so that we can refer to them at later date if we need to. As with all sensitive data, we keep these details securely.

Using CCTV in our stores

We keep CCTV recordings for security purposes only.

Using cookies on our website

See our separate cookie policy for detail about cookies and how we use them.

What do we do with your data?

When you place an order online or by phone, or make a transaction in store – marketing

For marketing purposes we also use transaction data to analyse customer behaviour and to ensure we send you the most appropriate marketing (we don’t send you emails unless you ask us to). For example,

  • if you buy a certain product we might send you information relating to other products based on your purchase history;
  • if we want to know how many customers live in a certain area, we might generate a report to find that out.

The legal basis we use for processing data for marketing purposes is called ‘legitimate interest’.

We have a legal obligation to keep this data for six years in case we need to refer to it. However, we will usually keep data for twelve years since your last interaction: customers who haven’t shopped with us for several years sometimes return to us.

When you opt in to receive marketing from us

We use any data you provide to us (at any time) as way to send you the most relevant marketing. For example:

  • if you have provided us with your date of birth we might send you a birthday offer;
  • if you have entered a competition for accessories we might send you marketing relating to that product range;
  • if you have given us an address in a certain area we might let you know about a new store opening.

If you have not made a transaction with us, but you have opted in to receive marketing by email or any other method the legal basis for processing is called ‘consent’.

We will keep personal data unless you tell us you no longer wish to receive marketing from us, in which case we will remove your opt-in, but keep non-transactional data for twelve years afterwards in case you change your mind.

When you contact us

We only use this data to answer your query, to refer to at a later date if necessary and to train our staff. We have a legal obligation to keep any recorded data for six years after which time it will be deleted from our databases.

Using CCTV in our stores

We do not access CCTV recordings unless we need to for security purposes. This data is erased after two weeks unless it needs to be referred to due to a suspected incident or for some other legal reason.

Sharing your data

We do not share your data with any third party outside of the Jigsaw group of companies. The retailers operating in the group are: Jigsaw UK (, Jigsaw Australia (, Jigsaw USA ( and The Shop at Bluebird ( However, we will not send you marketing that is not relevant to your choices or demonstrated interests.

We do pass some data to third parties in order for them to fulfil services for us, but they can only use this data to fulfil those services for us and cannot pass it on, use it to fulfil services for other companies, or use it for their own interests. The types of companies we use are, for example:

courier companies (to send orders);

marketing agencies (to send out emails);

data analysis companies (to provide us with tools to analyse our data);

customer review companies (so you can leave feedback and we can improve our service to you).

We are also obliged to pass your personal data onto a legal authority if instructed to do so under certain circumstances, for example, for the prevention of crime.

Your rights relating to personal data

You have the right to access your personal data (to ask us what information we hold about you).
You have the right to ask for your data to be deleted or corrected.
You have the right to ask us to stop processing your data.
You have the right to stop receiving marketing from us.

For all of the above, please do get in touch. Where we are obliged to comply with your request we will do so as quickly as possible.


If you have a complaint about the way we use your data please contact us. If we cannot resolve the problem for you, you can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO):

version 16.05.2018